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M: 07732307888


We are unable to accept any bookings due to Covid restrictions, sorry

Types of private booking that we offer

  • Birthday Party - 10 players Min

  • Private Tournament - up to 28 players (Ask for a quote!)

  • Bespoke Event - (Quote required & discussion regarding requirements)

  • All our private events receive complimentary light refreshments.

  • It is the responisibility of the event organiser to make us aware of any nut or food allergies prior to players participating in the event. By not doing so you assume responsibility for any person in your group being affected by food related allergic reaction.

  • Customers are allowed to supply their own food & refreshements but we contractually cannot allow 3rd party caters onto our site, sorry.

  • We do not charge or receive fees relating to the supply of any refreshments on our site.

Payment Options

How to book your event


We currently offer 3 methods of payment,

  • Direct bank transfer
  • Cheque (Restrictions apply, please ask before making payment)
  • Cash

We are sorry but we are unable to accept card payments at this time.


Email us on to find out more.

Quotes and Invoicing

  • Once you have been in touch with us to discuss your booking we will send you a quote in the form of an invoice. 

  • If you are happy with the quote simply choose your method of payment and pay the required deposit by the date shown, normally within 7 days. This secures your booking.

  • We will send you a receipt for your deposit and list the amount outstanding, and the date to pay this by. Normally 28 days but can be less if agreed in advance.

  • Either pay the outstanding amount, cancel the event or re-schedule. There is no financial penalty for any changes made if it is within the specified time period.

  • All that is required now is for everyone to arrive on time and play!

Terms and Conditions

Summary of terms and conditions

  • Players must arrive at least 20 minutes before their schedule session starts. If they do not then we reserve the right to reduce game time to compensate for safety briefings and administration activity.

  • All players must be aged 8 years old or above to play outdoor laser combat with Battlefield Games equipment. No exceptions as this is an insurance requirement. Identification may be required.

  • All players must wear suitable footwear to prevent foot related injuries. The ground can be uneven in places.

  • All players must receive a safety briefing prior to playing otherwise they will not be allowed to participate.

  • All players must read and sign out disclaimer prior to playing on our site. This must be signed by a responsible adult / parent.

  • Anyone not abiding by any safety rules of the site may be asked to leave and forfeit the payment made to Battlefield Games Ltd.

  • Anyone caught cheating will be subject to the '3 strikes rule', 2 warnings with the 3rd resulting in a ban and the player will forfeit any payment made to Battlefield Games.

  • Any late payment made to Battlefield Games Ltd may result in a forfeit of a deposit or event cancellation with no financial liability attributed to Battlefield Games Ltd.

  • Players under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate in any event run by Battlefield Games Ltd.

  • The acitivities we provide are run outside, on a field with a variety of man made structures forming part of the scenerary. Our staff take every care to identify and negate risk where possible, however by the very nature of outdoor laser combat not all risks can be negated such as slips, trips and falls, collisions with other players etc Players must assume an element of risk exists when participating in this activity. Battlefield Games Ltd cannot accept liability in relation to these risks. Players must observe the safety rules of the site in order to reduce personal risk of injury.

          These terms and conditions are not exhaustive and a more detailed version               can be obtained by request by emailing

Mission List

Missions available

  • Team Death Match

  • Domination

  • Attack and Defend

  • VIP

  • Demolition

  • Rush

  • Capture and Hold

  • Bio-Hazard

  • Homing Beacon

  • Tournaments can also be arranged for larger groups

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