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  • Hire us for half day or full day

  • Turn woodland into a battlefield!

  • Great for teambuilding

  • Ghillie suit for the VIP

  • Interactive props

  • Tactical gaming

  • No bruises, No pain, No paint

  • Ages 9 yrs +



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Mobile Battlefield Enquiries

"Our battlefield comes to you from only £300 for 18 players!"

"Do you have access to a private woodland?... Perfect!"

Mobile Battlefield Bookings (Bespoke quotes provided)

Whether it is a child's birthday, cadet training or a social team build we can make your event fun and memorable. Providing the host has access to a private woodland area (Sundays only) then we can set up and run your laser combat event within 10 miles of Ripley, Derbyshire. Anything beyond that will require further discussion.

Our aim is to provide an event that suits you. We can put together a variety of games that suits your level of's your event so don't be afraid to ask!

All we ask is that all players have reached the minimum age of 8 years old. We may have to ask for proof of age for insurance purposes. Costs will reflect the time it takes to set up & pack away, travel time, briefings and actual playing time. Therefore it tends to be more cost effective to host larger group sizes as you do not pay per person, you pay for the event. Maximum players on the battlefield is strictly 18, NO EXCEPTIONS, sorry.

Sundays: 11am - 5pm (Minimum is a 2hr event)

Customer Information

Prices start from
  • £300 - Woodland Environment (Min playing time 2 hours)
What is included
  • Minimum event time 2 hours guaranteed
  • Up to 18 players depending on player ages
  • Choice of 4 amazing gaming guns
  • Red Dot scopes as standard
  • Free coverall hire
  • Scenery for team bases
  • 2 Marshals minimum

'Contact us for a quote today!'


  • Players arrive 20 minutes before scheduled start time

  • Players get changed into their coveralls (and apply facepaint if purchased)

  • Safety briefing starts at scheduled session time. No safety briefing = no play.

  • First mission starts after safety and game briefing has taken place.

  • Games usually last between 10 and 20 minutes each depending on the mission

  • On average groups play between 4 - 6 games depending on missions and event time.

  • Groups can eat during the event time or leave it until afterwards.

Safety Notice: 

It is important that all players wear suitable footwear to prevent possible ankle injuries as the ground maybe uneven in places.

The event organiser must highlight all known player allergies and safety issues of the site before the event can take place.

Missions available

  • Team Death Match

  • Domination

  • Demolition

  • Rush

  • Payload
  • VIP
  • Capture and Hold
  • Capture the flag (Loud version!)
  • Tournaments can also be arranged for larger groups

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