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  • Exclusive use of the site
  • For ages 9yrs+
  • No projectiles
  • Interactive props
  • Missions tailored to player skill
  • Toilets on site
  • Free parking
  • Flexible private bookings
  • Complimentary refreshments


M: 07732307888

  • Min 10 players  (Min age strictly 9yrs+)
  • 4 Missions
  • 2 hour event time
  • Guaranteed 'no sharing' with another group
  • Free coverall hire with Premium events
  • Light refreshments provided
  • Camouflage face paint
  • Weekends only

Private Booking Enquiries

"We only use the best battlefield sports equipment on our field!"

      Choose from either 'Premium' or 'Standard' events

Whether it is a child's birthday, a fundraising event or a celebration we can make your event fun and memorable.

Our aim is to provide an event that suits you. We can put together a variety of missions that suits your level of ability, we can even run a tounament for larger's your event so don't be afraid to ask!

All we ask is that all players have reached the minimum age of 9 years old. We may have to ask for proof of age for insurance purposes. 

Important: We recommend a maximum of 12 players under the age of 12yrs due to the weight of the larger guns. Older children should be able to carry all available gaming guns. Group sizes are restricted to a maximum of 16 players.

We specialise in 10 - 16 player events (Depending on age). We can also run tournaments e.g. Clan Wars for larger groups by rotating teams.

Saturdays: 10am - 12pm or 1.30pm - 3.30pm

Sundays: 10am - 12pm or 1.30pm - 3.30pm

"Amazing, if you're reading this...stop and book the game already. You won't be disappointed. I have been paintballing many times over the years but this is far superior. Can't wait to go again."      


Premium (2 hrs) £16.50 pp

  • Event duration: 2hrs
  • 4 Tactical Missions
  • Free coverall hire
  • Refreshments
  • Camo Face Paint
  • 10 players minimum
  • Free party hut hire

Standard (1 hr) £11 pp

  • Event duration: 1hr
  • 2 tactical missions
  • Refreshments
  • Camo Face Paint
  • 10 players minimum

       Options for Standard Events

  • Group coverall hire - £10
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"Every private booking of 10 players or more is exclusive to you"

  • Players arrive 20 minutes before scheduled start time

  • Players get changed into their coveralls if applicable

  • Safety briefing starts at scheduled session time. No safety briefing = no play.

  • First mission starts after safety and game briefing has taken place.

  • Games last between 10 and 20 minutes each depending on the mission

  • On average groups play at least 4 missions with a break after the first 2.

  • Groups can eat their party food in our dedicated party hut after their event.

Safety Notice: 

  • It is important that all players wear suitable footwear to prevent possible ankle injuries as the ground is uneven in places.
  • Players are asked not to run blindly round corners of obstacles in case they clash with other players.
  • All players must sign in and have completed a disclaimer before being allowed to participate.

"We have many challenging missions to choose from!"

Missions available

  • Team Death Match

  • Domination

  • Homing Beacon

  • Medic

  • VIP

  • Demolition

  • Rush

  • Capture and Hold

  • Tournaments can also be arranged for larger groups

Props we use:

  • Touch Screen Objective Box (Homing Beacon, Demolition, CS GO)
  • Domination Box (Anti-cheat technology)
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